About Risk Analysis

Dr Pizzorno learns about your health needs...

The Dr Pizzorno Artificial Intelligence Expert System (AI/ES) cross references over 25,000 scientific research studies on natural health to produce a single, coherent, personalized health plan for you. The plan provides simple, natural actions you can take to reduce your health risks.

What Does the Dr Pizzorno AI/ES Do?

The Dr Pizzorno AI/ES is designed to identify and address your unique patterns of bodily dysfunction, restoring balance and optimal health. It does this through a unique artificial intelligence system that collects your health information, and builds a highly personalized step-by-step action plan to address these dysfunctions.

The recommendations provided by the Dr Pizzorno AI/ES are designed to work with your body to promote a deep level of healing, as opposed to simply using medications to mask symptoms. Treatments provided by the system report will often include diet changes, lifestyle modification, nutritional supplementation, and herbal medicines. Each recommendation is screened for safety prior to being presented on your report.

How Does the Dr Pizzorno AI/ES Work?

The Dr Pizzorno AI/ES works on an artificial intelligence system called a Bayesian inference engine. This type of artificial intelligence is much smarter and more intuitive than the usual rules-based programs. The Bayesian system allows us to use the information you know, and make predictions about the information that you do not have available. It also allows us to tailor our questionnaires to meet your unique needs.

Every time you click a button to tell us more about yourself, we instantly make predictions about more than a thousand different potential predictors of health status. Examples of these predictions include:

  • Do I get enough folic acid from my diet?
  • Are my detoxification enzymes working properly?
  • Would taking ginseng be beneficial?

Although this may sound complicated, the Dr Pizzorno AI/ES is very easy to use. The questionnaires are easy to follow, and there are instructions each step along the way.

Are the Conclusions of the Dr Pizzorno AI/ES Valid?

The Dr Pizzorno AI/ES is based on an artificial intelligence platform that has been validated in a number of conventional medical settings. To our knowledge, however, we are the first and only research group to apply this methodology to self-care and disease prevention.

Each logic step in our chain is supported by published research from the National Library of Medicine. Users can check the logic and read the supporting research each step along the way.

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