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Our assessments ask a series of simple questions about your health history. You can tell us about your symptoms, diagnoses, medications, diet, lifestyle habits, and laboratory test results. We use each piece of information to build a unique and personalized profile. This profile is used to calculate a series of health risks, as well as to generate a personal guidance report.
You will be given highly accurate predictions of your health risks, plus a prioritzed list of simple steps to reduce your chance of getting seriously ill.
You will be able at any time to access a personal guidance report, giving a fully customized diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplement protocol. With roughly 400 potential recommendations, and a nearly infinite number of potential assessment patterns, no two reports are exactly alike. As your health habits change, your report will evolve with you. Each recommendation on your report is screened for safety. By following a series of links, you can also learn why each recommendation was made, and even refer to the original research articles our artificial intelligence used to make the calculation.
Set up reminders to track your progress toward a healthy lifestyle.
Let the intelligence of our system teach you how to optimize function of all of your body systems.
Join our community, and interact with other people with similar conditions or challenges. Share your successes and help others along.
Tell us what foods you eat, and let us determine the nutrient value of your diet. We'll add this information into your health profile, and use it to help generate recommendations.
We transfer all personally identifiable data via secure connection. We will never share your sensitive health data or email address with a third party.
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